Frequent Answer Question

    1. What is normalizing?

    When you increase your stats, there comes a point where those stats you add reduce their effectiveness dramatically. Each of the stats (except hp and awakening time) has a normalization point, which is nothing more than the restriction that applies as you add current value to your stats, each stat has its own normalization table.

    Unnormalized Percentage Normalized Percentage Efficiency Stage Efficiency Interval
    160%100%0%Greater than 100%

    2. How much Critical, Maximize and Action Speed you need it?

    The recommended value may vary depending on the class you take, but starting from the ideal value (without character's passives/buffs) should be:

    • Maximize: 85~90%
    • Critical: 95~100%
    • Action speed: 120%

    NOTE: Action Speed recommended depends the class and how much works their castings.

    3. How works your sockets,buffs and passives in your stats?

    There are many ways to apply stats, each effect, whether buff or passive, is not displayed visually at your current stat. These stats can come in 3 different ways:

    • Normalized: Apply current normalizing rules, you can assume as a socket when you set in your gear, is the most common source in almost all the buffs and/or passives.
    • Unnormalized: Stat that plus with your current normalized stat, ignore the normalizing rules and action speed case can ignore the cap. Is visible in certains permanent stats passives.
    • Multiplicative: Stat that Amplify your current value in percentage (after operate unnormalized stat), ignore the normalizing rules and action speed case can ignore the cap. Visible in Rigo/Elrianode buffs or specifics character passives

    4. How Calculate Multiplicative Stat to my current Stat?

    With our calculator is too easy to make calculations, trough this formula we determine the final value including rigo's Buff or any effect that you want check it:

    final_value = current_value + (current_value *multiplicative_stat / 100 )

    1. Which Rigo's Set Should I choose?

    Crimson: If you want to opt for something that gives you the greatest possible damage, you must choose crimson set, but it should be noted that the sage provides a bit more damage with the difference that it is better crimson for partys if you go to full DPS

    Sage: The Sage set works for you either to support or to Raid by Berthe if you want to wear less polarize and resist more.

    Cerulean: It is not a set that offers that much damage but it is a very interesting option for classes that for a large part of their abilities are decent to use and few cooldown acceleration problems such as Shakti, Devi or Comet Crusader

    Vermillion: It is weaker than the crimson and its point of impact comes a little later than the rest of the sets, if it is for Berthe Raid it is not bad to wear it but for the rest of the situations crimson or cerulean is better.

    Cobalt: I do not recommend it, it is a set that works in very few classes and the effect is not close to that of crimson, personally I would not recommend it.

    Violet: Pvp set, not very profitable for PvE.

    2. Tabla de Reforge

    Stage (to reach)GlaciemsAmethystsMagic CrystalsEDEffectPercentage
    Stage 12,0003100300,000-10%
    Stage 22,0003100300,000-6.667%
    Stage 32,0003100300,000Critical Damage +3%5%
    Stage 42,0003100300,000-10%
    Stage 52,0003100300,000-6.667%
    Stage 62,0003100300,000Specific Skill Damage +5%3.333%
    Stage 72,0003100300,000-10%
    Stage 82,0003100300,000-5%
    Stage 92,0003100300,000Critical Damage +3%2.5%
    Stage 104,0006200900,000-10%
    Stage 114,0006200900,000-3.333%
    Stage 124,0006200900,000Specific Skill Damage +5%1.667%
    Stage 134,0006200900,000-5%
    Stage 144,0006200900,000-2.5%
    Stage 154,0006200900,000Adaptation +1%1.25%
    Stage 166,00093001,800,000-2.5%
    Stage 176,00093001,800,000-0.833%
    Stage 186,00093001,800,000Critical Damage +3%0.417%
    Stage 196,00093001,800,000-2.5%
    Stage 206,00093001,800,000-0.556%
    Stage 216,00093001,800,000+3% Physical/Magical Attack Power0.278%

    1. What's adaptation?

    The adaptation helps us to mitigate part of the Demon Realm's debuff, this is important because we recover attack and HP considerably.

    2. How to calculate the efficiency of our adaptation?

    Depending on the degree of debuff, the adaptation becomes more and more important, for that reason we can calculate the total multiplier that the adaptation would give us based on the fact that the current attack without occupying adaptation part of 100%, we apply this calculation:

    Multiplier = (1 - Enviromental_Debuff/10 + Current_Adaptation/100) / (1 - Enviromental_Debuff/10)

    For each point of adaptation we recover 1% of attack and HP, the following table shows us the maximum gain that we could get from stats assuming that we can exceed the cap.

    Enviromental DebuffMultiplier

    1. How does Defense Work?

    Defense reduce received damage, to limit the percent the game use a convertion to when we got more defense the percent is more normalize so is more complicated increase it. This is important because numeric/base defense is not the same thing that defense percent.

    To Convert from numeric defense to percent we use this formula:

    (Def_Base / Def_const) / (1 + (Def_Base / Def_const))

    To Convert from percent to Numeric::

    Def_const * Def_percent / (1 - Def_percent)


    • Def_const = Constant value to do the convertion, this vary depending the target lv(elrianoce above always the enemy is lv 99): 258.6436 + Level * 39.3526.
    • Def_Base = Defense in Numeric value.
    • Def_percent = Defense in percentage value or damage reduced.

    2. How much does Defense Ignore increase damage?

    Damage increase vary depending the ignore defense and enemy's numeric defense. Ignore Defense reduce the numeric/base defense, not the percent. To calculate the remain defense we use this formula:

    Def_Base * (1- Ignore_Defense/100)

    To calculate gained damage:

    (1 / (1 - Def_percent * Ignore_Defense)) *100

    El Ignore defense y los debuffs de reducción de defensa se acumulan multiplicativamente. para juntarlo en la formula simplemente usamos este formato:

    1 / (1 - def_percent *(1 - (1 - defense_ignore_1)*(1 - defense_ignore_2)* ... ) *100